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Sacred Voyages offers a variety of experiences and products that are focused on awakening and transformation.  We facilitate experiential retreats and journeys in power places around the world for groups, couples and individuals.   Bringing the power of these teachings and sacred places to your home is also an important priority so we have DVD’s, CDS, and phone transmission sessions available. 



Fundamental to all our experiences are visits to sacred sites which amplify, catalyze and accelerate all change, transformation and connection to higher self.  The Hawaiian Islands and Mount Shasta are two of the most powerful and spiritually alive places on earth and the sacred sites their hold very specific powers.  Self actualization, awakening into who you really are, living the life you were born to live, honing your inner guidance, knowing your life purpose, and authentic self expression are just some of the foundational elements these sites awaken within people. The land is a powerful and all knowing teacher.


“I am still in awe, that anyone can change as much as I changed in a 1 week trip. You guys have more of an effect on the world than you probably realize!!! Thank you.”


– Jorge Zuniga,
Retreat participant



Our Signature Event is a full immersion shamanic* experiential one week retreat. It takes place in power places around the world, primarily Mount Shasta and Hawaii. Find out why it’s our most popular retreat.  Imagine diving deep into the invisible worlds and traveling to sacred places of power in ceremony and ritual.  Enter into a catalyst container of timelessness, awakening and transformation led by a mystical and mysterious teacher, the Island/Mountain herself.  Visits to sacred sites on most days will catalyze (accelerate) any intentions that you might bring on the journey.  This is not a retreat where you will just have some insights and changes then go home only to have them fade slowly into the past. This retreat will completely transform your life. Magick sometimes suggests that people come with the biggest challenges in mind that have haunted them their entire lives.  It doesn’t matter what you desire, like something in the material world like more wealth, better relationships, soul mates, or improved health. Or you are seeking the spiriutal, such as a profound awakening out of illusion, liberation and freedom from conditioning and the dream, lasting inner peace, oneness, unconditional love or ascension. This retreat is likely to deliver it and more.



Artwork by Amoreoa Dreamseed

Inner Guidance is foundational to everything we do. Its our words for connecting with and living from your higher self.   On our retreats, both the leader, Magick, and all participants are asked to know and act from inner guidance in every moment. People typically experience communion with the land as it speaks directly to them and teaches how to know higher self more intimately. Throughout the retreat, Magick share his channeled wisdom and teachings on how to cultivate a more refined relationship with the most relationship you will ever have, the one with your higher self.  And Magick will be transmitting these teachings through what he calls a shamanic transmission throughout your time with him.  You may find the greatest of all power places is right there inside of you.  You can also dive into the power and exploration of Inner Guidance with our DVD series Guidance for Life™.  This powerful step by step approach to a more intimate and potent relationship with your higher self will change your life forever. Knowing how to always consciously choose, from the highest source, changes everything.



We also provide custom journeys that can be one, two or three days in Hawaii and Mount Shasta. These experiences are for those want to experience Magick and the awakening and transformational power sacred sites in a more intimate and customized format.  With these experiences you aren’t limited to only the dates when we already have retreats scheduled. You can pick your own dates, have privacy, and a more intimate and individualized experience. When you book a custom experience with Magick, ALL of his time and power of attention is on you and your awakening.  People typically report that their life is never the same. These are available for individuals, couples or groups. Find out more about our Custom Journeys now.

Or watch some short (average 4 minutes) video testimonials from past participants and hear how different their lives are as a result of these retreats. Or read about a day in the life of our retreats.



Sacred Voyages was founded by Greg “Magick” Bernstein and he currently leads all retreat and works with people one on one.  Magick’s work is a blend of all the trainings and modalities he has studied which has evolved into his own unique approach. His approach braids the teachings of many different cultures, traditions and spiritual tenants into a tapestry that is always different depending on the moment and who and what is present.  At the least, Magick interacts directly with people’s unconsciousness to find core issues causing obstacles and stuckness in their lives. He zeros in on beliefs, thought processes, core wounds and illusions that give rise to physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual challenges and facilitates change at a core level.   When changes occur at these core inner levels the external shifts as a result. At a much deeper level, Magick’s work heals the illusion of separation that lives in all of us, our core wounds, and restores our remembering of who we really are as infinite love. Magick’s shamanic work transmits unconditional love deep into participants and clients, reaching into the deepest shadows to heal and reveal the love that we all are at all times.

Magick’s early work with NLP, Hypnosis and Silva enables him to be a master communicator as well understand the deep structure of clients/retreat participants psyche, beliefs and emotional worlds.  His later work with Shaman and Kahuna has deepened his abilities of seeing the unseen, transmitting unconditional love and healing energy, as well as facilitating awakening in others.  Through his higher self, he uses mostly intuitive and creative processes that inspire participants and clients to maximize their evolutionary potential and be who they truly came here to be.  His work is based in Love and Truth, is non directional, non dual.  It assist to guide, stimulate and catalyze growth, transformation and awakening.   Magick engages and works with the mystical and the material realms all at once to help awaken people to their fullest actualization on all levels. Check out this short video about Magick.


*Note: While some shamanic practices include the use of plant “medicine” substances, our retreats intend to give participants the experience of extraordinary states of consciousness without substances. We don’t want to put you in a trance or altered state, we want to wake you up out of the one you are already in!  

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