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Audio Transmissions Archive from “Magick Talks”

See below the archive list for the current schedule.

April 2018

April 24, 2018 – How to Enter Shamanic Realms (YouTube Video)

April 5, 2018 – The Power of Sacred Sites of Hawaii (YouTube Video)

February, 2013

Ever Wanted to Travel Back In Time?  Now You Can… 

September, 2012  

The Power of Sacred Sites of Hawaii

August, 2012

Inner Guidance and Relationships

July, 2012 

The Power of Sacred Sites of Mount Shasta


Join Greg “Magick” Bernstein for a free talk up that will transmit awakening, higher consciousness and wisdom.

May 15th Magick Talks The power of Inner Guidance & Your Higher Self

June 12th  Maui: The Second Chakra of the Planet

July 17th.  Power of the Sacred Sites of Mount Shasta

Aug 7th.  Awakening through Timelessness & Travel Travel  (stop thinking…slow down..nothingness, meditation…visualization (plants waiving)

Sept 18th   Awakening your true Nature

Oct 16  Cultivating Your Psychic Gifts & Inner Mystic

Nov 13th The Power of Death, Change and Transformation

Dec 11th The Power of the Sacred Sites of Hawaii

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