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Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat

“It was quick and easy to heal the severe anxiety I’d had for about 5 years. On the third day of the retreat I stopped taking my daily medication and I never took it again! I have been healthy and vibrant every since”

M. B.

Retreat Particpant


Mount Shasta is a volcano located in Northern California near the Oregon border. It is one of the most sacred and high frequency places on Earth. The mountain has long been held sacred by various Native American cultures, including the Shasta, Okwanuchu, Modoc, Achromatic, Atsugewi, Karuk, Klamath, Wintu and Yana tribes. 

Mount Shasta is a potent vortex that holds an extraordinarily high concentration of power.  This works as a catalyst for transformation and facilitates a more intimate connection to higher self.  The mountain resonates to the crown chakra energy of pure God, spirit and divinity. Just being in or near Mount Shasta is awe inspiring and alters the vibration of all who experience it.  There are also sacred sites all around the mountain that resonate very specific frequencies.

There are many visionaries today that say that Mount Shasta currently resonates at the “zero point energy” of the planet.  As we move into ascension, Mount Shasta holds the power of awakening.  There are very interesting phenomena in Shasta, perhaps because of this energy.  Encounters with Ascended Masters, Saint Germaine, Lemurians and other mystical beings are common experiences on the slopes of the mountain. This is why we hold a Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat here each year.



Some of the specific sites in Mount Shasta hold the energy of:

– The Violet Fire (purple transmuting flame)

– Pure 5th dimensional reality

-Trauma Release

– Pure unconditional love and joy

– Instant transformation

– Alchemy

– Divine male/female balance (relationship)

– Instant manifestation

– Ascension


There are also birthing sites, sites for letting things go and a number of inter-dimensional portals.  Each site carries unique energy that exponentially amplifies and accelerates whatever intention a person brings to the site. For example, when you are in the manifestation vortex site, you will be in one of the easiest places in the world to instantly manifest anything! A healing site holds another resonance that offers a potent concentration of healing energy through which miracles can happen. The same is true for other sites, as they all accelerate and amplify intentions in their own unique way. 

Another unique aspect of Mount Shasta sacred sites is that they change with the individual.  Every person’s experience is different and the transformation is always custom tailored to what each individual needs in the moment.  One experience everyone has in common is that Mount Shasta is a catalyst for remembering and awakening into who you really are, your authentic self.

If you would like to know more about our reteats in Mount Shasta, then please contact us.

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