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"Magick is the real deal. Just talking with him on the phone I was overwhelmed … I became emotional as stress was leaving my body, my stomach started to swirl with wonderful energy, and rise to my heart which seemed to swell. That's when I began to feel light and stress was just leaving. I didn't want to hang up."


– Peter J. O'Lalor, Ph.D,


Greg "Magick" Bernstein facilitates awakening and transformation, waking people up to their true nature and full authentic self expression in one-on-one sessions with individuals and couples.  He does this through a powerful process using pure unconditional love and his highly developed psychic senses to illuminate and heal your deepest shadows and wounds. Then he transmits unconditional love and truth directly into those places, penetrating deep into spaces most people just havent been able to access or heal previously.  He also shares life changing wisdom uniquely channeled specifcially for you directly from his higher self, which is in communication with your higher self.

Magick’s ability to catalyze transformation and awakening in both the spiritual and material realms is special and unique.  His background in both worlds is extensive. To Magick, mastery includes all aspects of thematerial world as well as the world of spirit and multi-dimensional, non-dual reality. He lives a deeply spiritual life of continuously awakening and has had huge success in the world of matter as well. He has been working with people one-on-one almost 20 years with outstanding and often miraculous results in all areas of peoples lives. People who work with Magick find their lives, quite quickly, completely transformed. Check out what people are saying about Magick and his work..

Magick is often available for a phone or skype session, but only takes a very limited number of ongoing clients.  Send us a quick email to find if he is taking new clients now. 


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