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Sacred Sites


“…the land itself speaks of love, compassion, joy, and oneness.  The land remembers, and Magick hears the call.  Like a fine tuning fork, he helps us to hear it.”


– Christopher R.,
Retreat participant



For as long as humans have been on earth, there are certain locations on the planet that have been considered places of significance, power or they are revered as sacred. They have often been marked on maps, designated or adorned, and even had temples built upon them. These places are found all around the world in the form of majestic mountains, sacred caves, enchanted waters and other mystical sites. Many are familiar to us such as the temple mount of Jerusalem, Machu Picchu, the Great pyramids of Giza, Hawaii, and Stonehenge. Many others lie hidden, known only to the mystical shamans and elders of indigenous cultures around the world.

Throughout history, stories abound of extraordinary experiences from people’s journeys to these magical and transformational sites of power and divinity.  Many site resonate a specific vibration or frequency which distinguishes it from any other site. Some sites amplify the power of healing, catalyzing miraculously instant healings. Others are amplified and contain potent concentrations of certain energies, such as empowerment, creativity, manifestation, purification, forgiveness, psychic power, or enlightenment.

When visiting one these sites, the ability to effectuate change of something that is related to the specific power of that site is exponentially amplified. Despite that fact that scientists and scholars can not explain how these phenomena occur, power places around the world are some of the most revered and visited places on earth. There are many things throughout time that have been a mystery to humans, and yet this doesn’t negate the power of their existence.  The only way to know the truth, is through direct personal experiences & results. Truth, after all, is relative only to the observer.

At Sacred Voyages, our journeys take place in sacred lands such as Hawaii and Mount Shasta. On a journey with us, people experience a variety sacred sites.  The Island, or Mountain, becomes the “teacher” and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

Learn more about what our past participants have to say on our Video Testimonial page.



“I was swiftly able to slip into places outside of time…what may have otherwise seemed…the product of fanciful legends,  is instead amazingly and powerfully experienced as real… Ancient lands,  people, and spiritual truths are alive and present, fully connected and available…”/i>


– Christopher R.,
Retreat participant


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