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“Words do this experience no justice; it was truly a shamanic mystical experience. I was moved and altered forever.”


– Victor Cuadra,
Retreat participant



Shamanism is can be broadly defined as multi dimensional reality. Breaking it down to its most basic nature, its everything. For various reasons, humans have suppressed and repressed our holistic nature and narrowed our range of understanding and proficiency to only the 3rd dimensional experience of our 5 senses and thoughts. Reality is much broader, complex and mysterious. It includes our psychic senses. It’s timeless and is not limited by physical boundaries nor by the normal laws of physical 3D reality. It’s more like the dream state, where anything is possible in any moment. The veils between the infinite number of realities that are all co-existing right now are thinner in the shamanic realms and therefore change can happen instantly. When you experience multi dimensionality, just like in your dreams, you can step from one reality to another in one miraculous moment. As such, part of our mission is waking people up to shamanic reality so they can change anything in an instant and wake up to who they truly are, and who they came here to be. It’s also why we our retreats and journeys are in places where the shamanic realms are naturally stronger and amplified (sacred sites/vortexes). A Shamanic transmission occurs when a shaman, healer or teacher broadcasts the teaching/healing/wisdom energetically in addition to through the traditional 5 senses.



 -see/know participants deepest wounds, shadows and patterns

-transmit the exact energy frequency of what is needed to heal & transform those wounds, shadows and patterns

-wake people up out of illusion, out of the trance of conditioning, and into to the Truth of who they really are

-experience and teach Inner Guidance in order to make decisions from our omnipotent self (higher self)

-shatter all illusions of limitations

-on retreats, create a concentrated energy field of unconditional love that can heal anything and wake people up

-facilitate communication and connection with the earth, plants, rocks, trees and animals

-assist people to wake up to the divinity and oneness that is all that is

-heal anything

-manifest anything



Of course, at levels of mastery, there are more magical and mysterious experiences possible when the veil is thinned and there are no limits: such as telepathy, shape shifting, instant manifestation, being in two places at once, invisibility, instant healing, time travel, teleportation and other multi dimensional experiences.

Shamanism is just one of the modalities we utilize to facilitate change, we also use transmission of what Magick calls “The Love,” Vortexes/Sacred Sites, and what Magick calls “The Truth.” It’s a potent combination. “The Love” is similar to unconditional love, but perhaps upon reading more, you will discover it’s much more. “The Truth” includes waking up out of illusion to the absolute nature of reality as well as following our Inner Guidance. Find out more, come explore with us!

What Happens On Our Retreats?

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