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Who is Magick?

For well over a decade, Greg “Magick” Bernstein has studied with teachers, elders, Kahuna, Shaman and Western Masters. Magick’s unique approach is to create a field of love and truth in which awakening, connection to the spirit world, and your higher self is exponentially amplified. 

Magick helps blur the line between the physical and spiritual. He does this partially with his story telling style with his “magical” and seemingly miraculous experiences and results in the everyday world of creating wealth, health, career, relationships and deep connection with spirit and inner guidance. He transmits the teachings on an energetic level which penetrates deep into participants and helps dissolve illusion and awaken them to the truth of who they are. He calls this a shamanic transmission.



In some shamanic traditions names were quite important. A person was given a name that fit who they were or who they were becoming. They would keep that name until such time as they grew into their next name. A person might have several names over a lifetime.

“Magick” was named Greg Bernstein by his parents upon birth and was called by that name until an unexpected surprise in 2006.  At that time, he was on a pilgrimage with two people he considered spiritual elders, and his shaman partner, to one of the more sacred places on Kauai.  During this powerful journey, one of the group members received the name from spirit and shared it with Greg, along with a lot of detail about its esoteric meaning. Although Greg was not seeking a name at the time, when the name was revealed to him, he immediately knew it was the Truth. There was no thought, no hesitation and no analysis.  He instantly knew deep inside that it was right. The name Magick felt as natural and a part of him as any other part of his body and spirit. He has been going by Magick ever since.

Magick also learned that day that the spelling of the name is significant. It’s from ancient times when magick was about bringing illumination to darkness, bringing the light of understanding to the invisible shamanic worlds.  It’s about revealing and seeing, rather than illusion, the tricks and the hidden (spelled magic). That is what “Magick” is here for, to facilitate a greater understanding and embodiment of that which was once hidden and mystical.



Magick has a unique background of both massive success as an entrepreneur and as a transformational seminar leader.  In the material world, Magick is an entrepreneur, having founded several companies over the last 12 years including two advertising companies. His last venture had huge Fortune 500 clients, enjoyed growth rates as high as 700% per year, did business in the US and Europe, and opened offices in Dallas, NY and Miami. He sold the company in 2005. At the same time he was running his company, most other time was dedicated to spiritual and inner personal development (transformational) pursuits.  

Magick also was leading transformational communication seminars for 15 years in the spiritual/transformational world.   This included the past teachings at a mystery meditation school, NLP, Silva, Hypnosis, Hawaiian and Inner Guidance courses. He also studied extensively, one on one, directly with a number of shamans and kahunas.   

Because of his dual-natured background, his courses have varied in their focus with audiences ranging from the highly spiritual to highly materially successful and everyone in between. Part of Magick’s work is to bridge the gap between the spiritual and material worlds, so we can have it all. 



Magick received a BBA in finance (magna cum laude) from ASU and a post graduate Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from SMU.



  • Hawaii Spiritual Journeys-Trainer/Leader
  • Extensive One on one training in Hawaii with Hawaiian Kahuna
  • Extensive One on One training with Elder Nagual Shaman (Toltec-Carlos Castaneda lineage)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)-Certified Master of NLP.  Trainer/Course Leader: taught Beginning, Advanced, & Mastery Courses
  • Transformational Goal Reaching Course- Creator/Trainer
  • The Power of Inner Guidance Course-Creator/Trainer
  • Transforming Your Health with your Mind Course- Co-Creator/Trainer
  • Shamanic Relationship Intensive Retreat – Co-Creator/Trainer
  • Lotus (Quest) Meditation Center  – Teacher (Dallas group)
  • Hypnosis- Eriksonian Language Patterns 1-4 Trainer
  • Silva Method- 4th level–Cottage Group Leader
  • Mastery Spiritual Energy Practitioner- Program Graduate
  • Mastery of Manifestation- Program Graduate
  • Design Human Engineering with Richard Bandler- Program graduate
  • Emotional Release work (Greg Ehmka)
  • Ian Jackson, Sunday Sandbox Hypnosis Training 
  • The Magic Class- Program Graduate
  • Reiki Level II
  • Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2
  • Tantra – Extensive and various
  • Firewalking – dozens of fire walks
  • Shamanic Coursework (intensive and varied)



Magick has been featured on the cover of several publications, including:
AdWeek Magazine , Dallas Business Journal, Outdoor Advertising Magazine, JCI Leadership Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News (Business Section).  

He was nominated in 2002 for the most prestigious award for entrepreneurs in the country, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Magick was a member of the prominent Young Entrepreneur’s Organization (YEO) for 7 years and served on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Chapter. 

Magick was also featured as an example of Success in the book “Be Success” by Neil O. Pflum and in the book on Intuition “The Focal Point” by Michael Basch.

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