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Earth’s Power to Heal

mt-shasta-1993167_640Perhaps you’ve experienced a moment in nature when you’ve been walking in the woods and
felt incredibly alive or energized. As you stand or sit there, you receive something, feel awakened and are ready to take on a challenge. Nature is a powerful healer and there are places in nature, known as sacred sites or vortexes, where that healing power is even stronger. Some of these sites are sacred to indigenous cultures because of this power.

Basically, sacred sites are places where the earth has concentrated its power to amplify and
catalyze change. The barrier between this reality and the spirit world is thinner, making travel
to mystical and metaphysical realms easier for those who enter with a receptive mind and

Two such places are Hawaii and Mount Shasta in California. Not only are these sites more
powerful than most, but there are also even more concentrated areas within them. Vortexes within the vortexes, each with its own particular healing power. Some increase physical healing, while others concentrate specific energies such as creativity, birth, manifestation, forgiveness, psychic development, etc. When visiting these places, the land becomes the teacher, healer and guru and the results are often truly miraculous.

Maui is known as one of the most active vibrational sites in the world. Beaches, waterfalls,
forests, pools, and caves all contain amplified powers to manifest change. The amplified transformational powers of Maui have given rise to the nickname “The Island of Instant