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Below are several of the most essential aspects to the Guidance for Life approach.  First and foremost, most importantly, is undoubtedly prioritizing guidance. To some degree, you've already undertaken an element of this first step or you wouldn’t be on this site. However, a lot more is necessary. Living a far more guided life does take practice and there's significantly more to discover. In our retreats, classes and DVD’s we spend considerable time facilitating a shift in your REAL prioritization of living a more guided life, not just a dream or intention. So take a moment now and determine for yourself, how essential is living a more guided life? Are you willing to take some physical plane real world actions to live your life differently? This is not a rhetorical question. Take a moment now, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and decide. This is the first step, prioritizing guidance and being willing to take action and do something different.  

“When I signed up for the course I thought I would get a deeper understanding of my inner guidance and I didn’t realize that what I really got was living my life more fully. It’s been months now since the course and it’s really lasted.”

Jenna Harrison Tolley

Inner Guidance Course Participant



Another extraordinarily important component in the approach is to get to know our guidance as distinctive and distinguished from any and every other thought or feeling you experience. The Guidance for life™ courses and DVD’s include of a powerful exercise/process which will result in your realizing at least one of the ways you uniquely get guidance.  Learning how YOU individually and distinctively experience YOUR inner guidance is one of the greatest and most empowering discoveries you will ever make. Imagine how different life could be if you could recognize your guidance, as distinguished from anything else, just as well as you know your mother’s voice as different from any other? You could never mistake anyone else’s voice for your mother’s, right? The same could easily be true of your guidance.  Learn how to stop confusing guidance with all your other emotions, sensations, thoughts, beliefs, assessments, judgments, evaluations, logic, voices and doubts. To start, Guidance for life teaches the 6 fundamental ways everyone receives guidance and then goes deeper within those six to reveal how YOU receive guidance.



Next, even when we know how we receive guidance, many obstacles can nevertheless get in the way of living a guided life. So an essential part of becoming more guided is to become acutely more aware of what stops your from guidance and gets in the way.  It’s far too difficult to shift or avoid things that we don't even know exist or cant identify!  That’s why we provide detailed teachings and real world examples of at least a dozen obstacles that can stop you from living a more guided life.  Consciousness is true power and when you know what can get in the way you will be able to spot and avoid it!



Sometimes consciousness of the many obstacles is just not enough to avoid them.  At times, we must take further action and implement a powerful tool to shift or overcome the obstacle.  Imagine the ability to alter any unresourceful, negative or disempowering feeling, fear, belief, attitude, behavior or pattern?  What would your life be like with tools like this in your arsenal?  In our courses and DVD’s we intend to empower you with as many tools as possible so that you can find ones which provide the best results for you, and you can love applying them in your daily life. 



The next pillar of the approach is the ability to consistently generate moments of clarity and presence, which is crucial to living a much more guided life.  Guidance comes in moments of clarity.  Clarity is created from presence and from shifting and healing our history.  So we teach people not only how to easily create clarity, but also how to be more present.  Being present means being in the moment with a lot of things, including what can be present when we aren’t clear.  If we can recognize when we aren’t clear that is the first step to changing our state of being (see below for how to clear anything).  Imagine living in a state of true presence and clarity.  How would life be better if you could easily enter these states any time?  Imagine the differences if you could drop into stillness, into the nothingness, at any time?

Learn more about our New DVD series, Guidance for Life™, which teaches all the pillars of the approach and more!

“At 53, I’d been searching for my perfect partner my whole life. After the retreat with Magick, I could finally follow my inner guidance. As a result, within one month, I met my partner and we’ve been together ever since. My life changed more than I thought possible and I am the happiest I have ever been!”

 Anita Chambers


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