Over the last 20 years we have developed an approach to developing and cultivating a relationship with your Higher Self that, if fully implemented, teaches every aspect of how to truly embody and live a source based life.  When we teach it at retreats, it’s an experiential learning that unfolds naturally in the moment based on who and what is present. When we used to teach in it workshops, it was a full, A-Z, comprehensive model that when followed always produces acting from your deepest knowing.  Below you will find highlights encapsulating the approach.  Obviously there is much more as it is an entire weekend course and the DVD’s have over nine hours of material.  


The most extraordinarily important component in our approach is to get to know your guidance as distinctive and distinguished from any and every other thought or feeling you experience. We always teach this on retreats as it’s essential to creating a more conscious connection with your Higher Self.   While there are many ways we receive guidance, there is one primary internal way we perceive it.  This internal perception is unique and different than any of your other internal experiences.  Learning how YOU individually and distinctively experience YOUR inner guidance is one of the greatest and most empowering discoveries you will ever make. Imagine how different life could be if you could recognize your guidance, as distinguished from anything else, just as well as you know your mother’s voice as different from any other?  What if you could distinguish your deepest sense of knowing from any and all of your doubts, fears, logic, reasoning, intellect, self-critic, or anything else?  Get empowered and learn how to clearly recognize your guidance and stop confusing it with all your other thoughts, emotions and sensations,

When I signed up for the course I thought I would get a deeper understanding of my inner guidance and I didn’t realize that what I really got was living my life more fully. It’s been months now since the course and it’s really lasted.”

Jenna Harrison Tolley

Retreat/Course Participant


Next, even when we know how we perceive guidance, many obstacles can nevertheless get in the way of living a guided life. So an essential part of becoming more guided is to become acutely more aware of what stops your from recognizing and following guidance; what gets in the way.  There are two steps here. There could be blocks to knowing your guidance and/or there could be blocks to acting on that knowing.  Both must be addressed to have a more guided life.  It’s far too difficult to shift or avoid things that we don’t even know exist or cant identify!  That’s why we often teach about dozens of obstacles that can stop you from living a more guided life.  On our retreats, you will experientially learn which obstacles tend to stop you, since we invite participants to follow their guidance in every moment.  It’s a real life experiential learning!!!  Consciousness is true power so when you learn what gets in your way you will have the power to spot and avoid it!

POWERFUL TOOLS To shift what stops you

Sometimes consciousness of the many obstacles to guidance is just not enough to avoid them.  At times, we must take further action and implement a powerful tool to shift or overcome the obstacle.  Imagine the ability to alter any un-resourceful, negative or disempowering feeling, fear, belief, attitude, behavior or pattern?  What would your life be like with tools like this in your arsenal?  On our retreats, we teach one powerful method for shifting anything in the way of knowing or following guidance.  We love it because its also a tool for to help get you out of your head, get more embodied and spiritual awakening. This tool works for everyone and is quite simple but very potent. Not only does it shift what is in the way of guidance, providing you clarity, courage and resolve, but it can also heal other lifelong challenges once and for all. Depending on your needs, we may also teach numerous other techniques for shifting obstacles so they no longer stop you from perceiving and acting on your guidance. 

 At 53, I’d been searching for my perfect partner my whole life. After the retreat with Magick, I could finally follow my inner guidance. As a result, within one month, I met my partner and we’ve been together ever since. My life changed more than I thought possible and I am the happiest I have ever been!”

Anita Chambers

Retreat Participant


When you consistently apply our approach you begin to consistently generate moments of peace, clarity and presence, which is crucial to living a much more guided life.  Guidance comes in moments of peace & clarity. They automatically occur when we tune into guidance or have shifted blocks to guidance.  Peace and clarity come from healing our wounded conditioning and history.  They come from being with what it so deeply, that it resolves into emptiness. We teach meditations that create truly clarity, presence and peace.  Imagine the how different life would be if you could drop into stillness, into a deep peace that your could trust, at any time?

On retreats people often have these moments of clarity, presence and peace, sometimes for the first time in their lives. For others they grow this part of their being so i’ts present in a more un-abided and consistent way. 

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