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Hawaii Spiritual Vortex

Hawaii is one of the most powerful and active sacred sites on the globe.  A commonality of all Hawaiian Islands is that whichever Island you visit; they vibrate at a multi -dimensional timeless frequency. The spiritual world is more alive and palpable than almost anywhere in the world.  For many, the Islands feel alive and have a consciousness that assists them in their awakening and as a guide and a mystical teacher.  Many people experience the Hawaii Spiritual Vortex as other worldly, physically and meta physically like no other place on earth.

Each Island has a special energy and flavor.  Some say the Hawaiian Islands are the Chakra system of the planet, all of the seven main Islands representing and vibrating at a different chakra energy.  Whether this is true or not is for the individual to decide. But one thing for sure is that the energy, geographic location and features of each Hawaiian Island is very unique and the spiritual power is very different on each Island. A commonality of all Hawaiian Islands is that whichever Island you visit; they vibrate at higher dimensional frequencies. The spirit world is more alive and palpable than almost anywhere in the world.  The Hawaii Spiritual Vortex, which includes all 7 major Hawaiian Islands, are alive and activating.  Whether you are a master or beginner on your spiritual path, the Islands will meet you exactly where you are with the perfect teaching, quickening and/or transformational process. Everything is amplified and accelerated in Hawaii, and there a sense of timelessness like no other place on earth.

Some of the specific sites in Hawaii hold the energy of: 

“The experience in Hawaii was one of the best of my entire life! The mystical part of Hawaii sprung to life and this new found spiritual connection changed my life forever. Afterwards, I suggested that he should be on Oprah and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t charging $10,000 a day! I would recommend it to anyone!”

Chivas Warren

One Day Journey Participant

– Instant manifestation 

– Healing, Forgiveness and Peace

– Pure unconditional love  

– Death, change and transformation

– Birthing

– Perfect male/female balance (relationship)

– Creativity

– Empowerment


Each site carries unique energy that exponentially magnifies and quickens whatever intention a person brings to the site through our retreats. The manifestation vortex is one of the easiest places in the world to instantly manifest anything! Healing sites offers potent concentrations of balancing energy through which miracles can happen. The same is true for other sites, as they all accelerate and amplify intentions in their own unique way. 



In addition to energetic and metaphysical attributes of the Islands are special physical qualities that stand out. This is perhaps a reason for the unique and transformative power. Each Island evolved by a volcano, or volcanoes that began with a single hot area. There is a high concentration of obsidian, iron and other elements which amplify transformation.  This raw Kundalini force of the volcano is palpable in the Islands, especially with the lower part of the land and more cosmic as well as refined in the older Islands located at the top of the island chain.



The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote sets of Islands on the planet and therefore have had only a small amount of outside influence. 

In recorded history, there were series of migrations of inhabitants to Hawaii, starting between the years of 300 and 700 AD. The first of these inhabitants were the known Hawaiians, who traveled thousands of miles starting from the South Pacific to reach the destiny of the remote archipelago.  

In Hawaii, you might hear myths of the movement from large, double hulled canoes coming from the South Pacific while being led by Kahuna “see’ers” and navigators.  According to some, the early Hawaiian explorers were led by ancient prophesy and dreams to the mystical land of Hawaii.



Some believe that there were inhabitants located in Hawaii long before this time.  Legend is that thousands of years prior to recorded accounts of Hawaii were people in this region, which was then much bigger (an entire continent). The people are noted to be part of a lost continent recognized as Lemuria or Mu.  Myths also speak of the Lemurians as first coming to earth from other planets and stars.              

Many people who come to the Islands have an emotional response.  They sense a connectedness with the Islands, and to themselves, which they haven’t experienced at any other place or time. Everything seems amplified in beauty and power and time stops. This could be because Hawaii was before considered a part of Lemuria, a Utopian culture which was based on heart centered with love. The Hawaiian people are definitely heart centered people in love, evidenced with the Aloha spirit remaining as a prominent part of the society and identity.  Were the Hawaiians influenced from an ancient society and culture, here long before our recorded history? Our retreats question all possibilities, realities and dimensions. 

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