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Free Hawaii

In 1993 the 103rd Congress unanimously signed into Public Law the Apology Bill. America publicly admitted to illegally overthrowing its ally and trading partner the Sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii and falsely imprisoning the beloved Queen Liliuokalani. Since then, America, has done everything it can to avoid the consequences of this Bill. The inevitable result will be the restoration of a sovereign Hawaii. 

Kingdom of Hawaii

Be it known that I, Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of the Kingdom of Hawai’i; hereby declare that the entire archipelago and surrounding seas of the archipelago belong to the Kingdom of Hawai’i. That all peoples throughout the world are served notice that Hawai;i is an independent sovereign nation ordained and sustained by the Hand and Might of a Just God in our Heavenly Father. 

Hawaiian Kingdom

The website of the Hawaiian Kingdom Government presently operating within the occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands. Since the Spanish-American War, 1898, our Nation has been under prolonged occupatio by the United States of America. Our web pages tell you about the range of activities carried out by the Hawaiian Government in developing our relations with the community of Nations in regards to the occupation and the profound economic benefits that arise from its exposure.



Thank you to the following photographers and artists for supporting Sacred Voyages and providing us with materials to represent our spiritual journeys and retreats.

Amoraea Dreamseed – Amoraea is a UC Davis graduate in Transperonal Psychology and Religious Studies, a Reiki Master, and a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner.  He has received intense trainings in Full Sensory Perception, psychic reading / healing, activating Soul awareness states, clearing of the KA body, ‘Living from Vision’ and Tantra of the soul.  Amoraea’s mystical artwork translates the essence of Spirit into visually encoded images intended for interactive holographic engagement with one’s Higher Self.  Described as ‘luminous portals’ and ‘maps of the psycho – spiritual landscape,’ Amoraea’s pioneering work is a visual engineering of consciousness that penetrates into the archetypal domain of the soul.  

Aloha Portraits –  Angelina Hills, of Aloha Portraits, was born and raised on Maui.  She is passionate about photography and always excited about taking photos that will last a lifetime. Rather than set you up in a studio, I use Maui as a natural canvas for creating beautiful memories! 



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