Unconditional Love

Spiritual teachers of almost every lineage direct people to love themselves and to love what is, but seldom offer any concrete means to accomplish this monumental and most important feat.  Three things are very different about our retreats. Firstly, we actually transmit unconditional love directly into you at times during the retreat.  Second, we create a container of unconditional love for you to marinade in the entire retreat. Finally, we have developed exercises, tools/techniques and meditations that will teach you how to truly unconditionally love yourself in a tangible, definitive and measurable way. Loving your self will change you from the inside out.  Imagine what life would be like if you loved yourself fully and unconditionally.  Our intention to teach you how to be in love with everything and everyone, including all parts and aspects of yourself, in every moment.  This means the shadow parts, the wounded parts, illusions, as well as your golden shadow, your beauty and power.   All of you!   All illusion and separation, which includes self-criticism, fears, doubts, guilt and shame, can permanently melt away through the power of love.  But we aren’t talking about the kind of love that most people associate with the word love.  Continue reading below and discover what unconditional love actually is, and what it is not…


“I wanted to embody love….but struggled with that…this is the journey Magick took me on… he teaches you how to have a personal relationship with the esssence of love…he has tried and perfected a method of helping people step more deeply into their hearts…Magick embodies love & reflects it back to you…”


Retreat Participant

what is unconditional love

What we mean by love is not a conventional definition or experience. True unconditional love is not a feeling or thought, doesn’t come and go, isn’t born and doesn’t die, and has nothing to do with what you like, what you are attracted to, or what you condone or want.  It has nothing to do with romance, and people don’t fall in or out of it.  It’s different than marital, fraternal, erotic, and other kinds of love. The Greeks had 8 words for love; Sanskrit has 96, and yet English has one. No wonder we get so confused about what love really is and is not.

The love we teach is a universal love that doesn’t judge or distinguish, compare or contrast or evaluate or measure. Those are realms of the mind and emotion.  It’s infinite, always has been, and always will be. It’s a spiritual kind of love, an unconditional love. It literally has no conditions on what it loves. For most, it’s a new experience to discover this kind of love and can be challenging to understand and accept at first. For all, experiencing this kind of love changes your life forever!

He {Magick} builds this container of love and connection… I have never felt such unconditional love.”

Carol H

Retreat Participant

LOVE brings MORE wisdom/discernment

With this unconditional love practice comes a deep peace, but you do not become a doormat. In fact, your discernment is enhanced and becomes crystal clear.  When we love ourselves, there is a Truth that emerges & guides our lives.  Loving your shadow heals and resolves all obstacles to living from the deep wisdom of your higher-self.  It’s not necessarily an easy path, as loving your shadows can be uncomfortable, but it’s what they need to fully resolve and the payoff is the deep wisdom, and true lasting peace that resides in clarity.

When we do this practice, our boundaries become well defined and expressed. Our ability to know and speak authentic “yes’s” and “no’s” becomes clear and articulated.  Our life purpose becomes clear. Love heals anything in the way of the Truth and anything in the way of your soul’s most authentic expression.  It reveals wisdom and deep knowing.  This is what we call the flow, or The Truth or Inner Guidance, and when you live this way, life becomes a continuous stream of miracles.


avoiding spiritual bypassing

Replacing our wounds with the “feeling” of love doesn’t resolve anything, but merely bypasses the wound and replaces it with the temporary sensation or feeling of love.  Essentially nothing has changed other than your current state.  We teach you how to truly bring love to your wounds, rather than pushing your pain down and replacing it with the good feelings of love.  When we do this properly, the process often amplifies our experience of our wounds, which isn’t always comfortable or pleasant.  But this Love Warrior practice allows brings to our wounds what they have always needed, our love, and they can therefore finally resolve and dissolve.  Our mission is to transmit this unconditional love to you so that it heals and awakens you to the love that you are; as well as teaches you how to do the same for yourself.  Loving what is within you, and outside you, brings true peace, the resolution of any fear, doubt, pain, shame or limitation; and connects you to your own divinity and ultimately oneness with all that is.


Join Greg ‘Magick’ Bernstein for an evening of shamanic transmission and wisdom sharing.