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Violet Fire Meditation CD


A 7 Chakra Deep Meditation to Clear Anything









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"Loved the Violet Flame Meditation. It took me to a very deep place inside myself and was so comforting. It's effortless Meditation. I highly recommend it."

Carol Lazar



Imagine how different life would be if you had a simple and effective tool to clear wounds, traumas, conditioning and history that has limited you from reaching your highest potential.  Go on a journey with the power of the violet flame to gently transmute negative energy, blocks and patterns that no longer serve parts of your being.  Magick has created this CD specifically to clear any obstacles that are holding you from anything you desire!  With this CD, you will be able to clear your chakras, organs and body systems.  You will also be able to clear emotions and patterns that no longer serve you, such as fears, doubts, and stories. Further you can clear anything specific going on in your life that you bring to the meditation. 

The power of this CD is based not only on the clearing power of the Violet Flame.  It was also recorded at a sacred site with the intention to transmit the healing power.  This offers a comprehensive and deeply transformative tool that you can use to clear anything, over and over again.

Listening to this CD allows you to remain clear, connected to source and releases blockages to anything you desire.


– Clear limiting beliefs, doubts and / or fears

– Shift old patterns and conditioning

– Work through negative, stagnant energy

– Clear all chakras

– Deep, relaxation and hypnotic process

– Transmute anything

– Clear organs and systems in the body

– Work with the power of alchemy

– Power through the transmission of sacred site energy



For a limited time, Sacred Voyages is offering the CD’s at a low, introductory rate!









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